Ramana Maharshi
Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu


Sri Ramana Maharshi's Ashram is situated 2 km southwest of Tiruvannamalai on the road to or from Bangalore. A calling took him to Arunachala Mountain at the age of seventeen. The year before, at the age of sixteen he had experienced his awakening:
"September 1th 1896 he got of the train in Tiruvannamalai. With quick steps, his heart throbbing with joy, he hastened straight to the great Shiva Temple. The gates and all the doors, even to the inner shrine stood open and he entered the shrine alone and stood before his Father Arunachaleswara. There in the bliss of the union, the quest was achieved and the journey ended."

Ramana Maharshi spent years in meditation in the Virupaksha cave, before the Ashram, at the foot of the Arunachala hill, was established. Sri Ramana Marharshi died in 1950 after more than 50 years in deep contemplation at his home at Arunachala Mountain.

"Aruna Sadashiva"

Listen to the Mantra "Aruna Sadashiva" on the official website og Ramana Mahrashi:

Entrance to Ramana Maharshi's Ashrama at the foot of Arunachala, the holiest mountain in India

Huge tree at the entrance to the Ashrama

Ashram information board

The story of Ramanas enlightenment at the age of sixteen

Entrance to Bhagvan Ramana's Samadhi Shrine

Peacock in front of the Samadhi Shrine

Life in front of the Samadhi Shrine



The first meeting with "the local saints"

Pictures on the wall in the hotel room

Sri Ramana Marharshi and Sri Sheshadri Swamigal,
whose Ashrama is next to Ramana Maharshi's

Hotel roof and weiv to Arunachala,
the reason Ramana Maharshi settled in Tiruvannamalai


The Shiva Temple in Tiruvannamalai seen from Arunachala on the way to Virupaksha Cave


The Virupaksha Cave on Arunachala Mountain


Paradise like scenery on the way to the cave

Entrance to the cave compound

Yard in fromt of the Virupaksha Cave


Sign at the entrance door

Inside in the front room

Ramana Marharshi's bed

Information on the bed about the Virupaksha Cave

One of the few photos of Ramana

Frontroom with entrance to the medititioncave.

The meditation cave had a small altar opposite the entrance from the frontroom. For good reasons it was not possible to take pictures. The cave is a very holy place and people were meditation there. The "energy" for meditating were well prepared, you instantly went into meditation, feeling that the cave had been used only for meditation for many many years.

Decorations on the floor in the front room


Mother's Enlightenment Cave

Further up to the cave of Ramana's mother, where she got the enlightenment

Entrance to the room where Sri Ramanas
mother got the enlightenment by His touch

A small altar with a photo of Sri Ramanas mother,
is worshipped daily by the caretakers of the place

Wiev over Tiruvannamalai from the path to the caves





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