The Nandi Bull Temple,

Bangalore, Karnataka

The "mainroad" inside the temple compound,
with Adigugu Valmiki Ashrama in the background


The Bull Temple in Bangalore

The Bull Temple in the Basavanagudi area (Basava=bull; Gudi=temple) is one of Bangalore's oldest temples, situated in the oldest parts of Bangalore. It is built by Kempegowda in the 16th century in Dravidian style. The temple is situated at a top of a hilllock, Bugle Hill, and contains a huge granite monolith of the Nandi bull.

The temple is especially engaging in the weekends. Often musicians are playing up for weddings, as this is also one of Bangalores most popular weddingplaces. It is also possible to have Pujas performed to bless your newly bought motorcar and other vehicles.

The annual Kadalekayi Parishe, The Groundnut Fair takes place within the temple compound every November and celebrates the first groundnut crop of the year. As a famous meeting place for groundnut farmers from, not only the state of Karnataka, but outside as well, farmers come to recieve blessings.

The whole temple area houses not only the Bull Temple, but also a Ganapati Temple with a huge monolith Ganapati idol that is 18ft high and 16ft wide.

Sri Valmiki Ashrama Mahasamsthana Adiguru Peetha is also inside the templearea. Several Nagamurtis can be seen near by the Valmiki Ashrama.

Next to the temple is the famous and very beautiful Bugle Rock Park, created around an enormous 3000 million years old rock. The park gets it's name from the watchtower that stands on it built by Kempegowda. The tower was repordetly used to warn the city dwellers of intruders, by sounding a Bugle.

The Bull Temple is situated on Bull Temple Road apr. 1,5km west of Lalbach Garden. Open daily 7AM to 9PM


Bull's horn marking the way to the Bull Temple, which is a great attraction

The Gopura (entrance) to the Bull Temple area

Entrance to the Nandi Bull Temple

The Nandi Bull

The huge Nandi idol, inside the Bull Temple


The Sikhara over the Bull shrine

Stucco frieze over the entrance of the Bull Temple

Life in the temple compound

Husbands cooking tiffin (breakfast) in the open-air kitchen

Wifes and children taking tiffin ...

... and grandmother just finishing her meal


Valmiki Ashrama

Ashram attributed one of Indias greatest saints, Valmiki

The Temple tops of the Ganapati Shrines

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