Anjaneya Mountains,
Nasik, Maharastra


Anjaneya, another name for Hanuman, is Hinduism's highly revered monkey god. Hanuman is loved and worshipped all over India because of his qualities as being the best, most sincere and strongest devotee ever.

Trimbak, 33 km west of Nasik in Maharashtra, is revered as the city of one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva. In coming from Nasik and going to the Triyambakeswara Jyotir Linga Temple, you pass through the Anjaneya Mountains.
In the Anjaneya Mountains you also find the offspring of the Godavari River, one of the seven most holy rivers in India*. From here the Godavari flows east, right across India, down and out in the Bay of Bengal. The Godavari River is called "Ganga" in these parts of the country.

* The seven holy rivers of India are: Ganga, Narmada, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Sindhu & Kaveri


Shiva country?
The road to Trimbak and the Triyambakeswara Jyotir Lingam Temple is flanked
with electric poles looking like the Trisula - the trifork of Lord Shiva!


The Anjaneya Mountains


 Halfway from Nasik to Trimbak you pass through the Anjaneya Mountains.
Here you find hilltops looking like huge Shiva Lingams.


This is perhaps the most strikingly Shiva Lingam look-alike of the Anjaneya Mountains,
with Hanumans hand in the foreground, being so strong that it can carry a whole mountain.


The strong hand of Lord Hanuman


The beautiful Hanuman shrine in the Anjaneya Mountains about 7km from Trimbak


Hanuman on the road from Bangalore to Mysore in Karnataka


On the road from Bangalore to Mysore in Karnataka, South India, you find this impressing mountaintop,
which some alert local people has turned into the head of Lord Hanuman.

"Jaya Hanuman"    created by BP