The burial Shroud of Jesus Christ

Turin/Torino, Italy


The Turin Shroud, is this the image of Jesus Christ?

The image on the Shroud
believed to be that of Jesus Christ



 Arriving at the Cathedral of Turin

"Saint John the Baptist",
the Cathedral of Turin on a rainy day in November

The Cathedral with the Turin Shroud




The basilica of Cathedral of Turin

Main entrance of the Cathedral of Turin



Inside the Cathedral

High Altar

Side altar opposite the Guarini Chapel 

People gathering near the Guarini Chapel,
housing the Holy Shroud



The Guarini Chapel housing the Holy Shroud

The Guarini Chapel, housing one of
the most precious relics of the Christian world

Inside the Guarini Chapel, the Shroud is safely kept
in a silver box in this altar

Center decoration inscribed DOMINE, "Lord, man of the Cloth"

The case containing the Shroud is now covered with a light, fire-resistant and easily removable cloth, which has a precious embroidery of silk threads, along which we find the prayer that has accompanied the veneration for the Shroud for years:

"We venerate your Shroud, Lord ...

and with it we meditate on your Passion.



The image on the Shroud

Front image of the Shroud

Back image of the Shroud


How to view the shroud?

1. Scorch marks
2. Marks caused by water
3. Nail wounds in the left wrist
4. Wound in the right side
5. Face
6. Flow of blod on the forehead
7. Flow of blod on the nape of the neck
8. Scourge marks
9. Holes caused by fire in 1532
10. Sole of the right foot

The Shroud which is 4,42 meter long and 1,13 meter wide and is made of "herringbone" weaved linen.

According to tradition the Shroud is the burial cloth in which Jesus was wrapped after the crucifiction. The Bible tells us that he was taken down from the cross and that Joseph of Arimathea laid the body of Jesus in his family tomb. The body was wrapped in a long linen cloth swept from the feet, over the head and down on the front of the body. This was the burial custom of the time along with anointing with precious oils and herb.


 Exhibition of  The Turin Shroud

Exhibition, spring 2010

In 1997 - 11-12. April, a few days before the restoration work is completed, the Guarini Chapel is gutted by fire. The shroud is rescued by firemen of Turin.

14th April - the Commission in charge of the conservation of the Shroud ascertains that it has not been damaged.

Next exhibition will be in year 2025



The history of the Turin shroud


Impressions in the Church vicinities





"Saint John the Baptist"




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